Why Buy Oat Groats From Us?

Reliability that can't be beat​

We pride ourselves in differing from our competitors by being able to get our customers their product hassle free and on time. This dependability comes through a combination of our Midwestern United States location (close to most manufacturers of pet food), and our connection with reliable trucking companies. We've listened to our customers, and understand that there is nothing more irritating than not getting a delivery on time. We understand that your pets don't stop eating, so we make sure to do our best to never miss a delivery time.

Competitive pricing

We've got a few tricks of our own when it comes to our pricing. It's taken several years, but we've successfully developed a working market for our oat hulls that allows us to cut the price of our oat groats to be very competitive with our counterparts.

A family that cares

Schumitsch Seed has been family owned and operated since 1962. We run our business with care, intellect, and experience that can't be beat. We may not be the biggest dog out there, but we truly care about yours!

Oat groats are becoming more and more popular in pet food. Though groats have been a common ingredient in bird food for years, they've recently been an emerging ingredient in dog and cat foods because of their many benefits. In fact oat groats (commonly listed as oatmeal) are one of the best grains that can be found in healthy premium pet foods today. This is because oat groats are a great natural source of manganese, iron, and B vitamins. Relative to other grains they are also known for having an unusually high amount of protein and fiber. Oats are also the carbohydrate of choice because they minimize allergic reactions that are typically associated with corn and wheat. With so many benefits, what's not to love about having oatmeal as an ingredient in your pet's food?

What Are The Benefits Of Oat Groats In Pet Food?

Growing A Better Tomorrow

What Is An Oat Groat?

Simply put, an oat groat is an oat with the outer shell (also known as the hull) removed. This is a small but necessary milling process given that the hull of the oat is indigestible. 

One of the great parts about this process is that it allows us to sell the nutritious whole grain with the majority of the nutrition of the oat still in place.